Related Studies

We bring together leading experts in skin biology, eczema and clinical trials to better understand how eczema treatments work.

Related Studies

Our innovative research embedded within the BEACON trial seeks to better understand how eczema treatments work. Using a Team Science approach, we bring together leading experts in eczema, clinical trials, skin biology and patients.

We will use samples donated by people taking part in the BEACON trial to investigate changes in the skin and blood before and during each treatment. We will use cutting-edge science to investigate these changes at very high resolution. This means that we will know, at a molecular level, how each cell is working and communicating with other cells.

The findings may help us to select individuals most likely to respond well to the different treatments available already, and to design better, safer, treatments for the future.

Our work will inform scientists and healthcare providers who are investigating and using these same drugs in related common inflammatory diseases such as asthma and arthritis. We will work with our diverse professional and patient community to communicate findings as widely as possible.

We hope our research will improve the health and quality of life of people living with eczema, and save money for the NHS.